Email Design
BYBI is a skincare brand who formulate clean and efficacious products, designed to optimise skin’s health. They are a young, fun, funky and environmentally friendly brand that appeal directly to those that not only like to take care of themselves but put environment at the forefront.
Part of our work with R A R E Digital, BYBI requested an email design that was unusual and unique, showcasing products in an unconventional design and in keeping the brand’s colourful identity.
Seeing as the products are very colourful and loud, these were used as the main parts of the design to express the message.
Email Design
As part of the BYBI Bundles launch, many parts of the website needed designing to show what was on offer. Part of the site that needed this was the websites cart page. We had strict guidelines that the user’s journey was not hindered in anyway from the cart’s experience.
The bundled section needed have a balance of being discrete but noticeable to the user, letting s/he know of the special offer before going through to the checkout.
We thought it was best to place the information in a subtle, soft hue with a clear call to action that stood well in itself but also didn't fight or take away from the larger green checkout button below it.
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